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For over 60 years our customers have relied on us to meet their vacuum metalizing and PVD sputtering needs. Vacuum Metalizing is the process of evaporating metals (most commonly aluminum) inside a vacuum chamber which then bonds to the desired substrate to achieve a uniform metallized layer. Thermal evaporation, otherwise known, as vacuum metalizing, is the most common PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process. Sputtering is the process whereby atoms are ejected from a target (e.g. chrome, stainless steel, copper, etc.process) that i
s to be deposited on the substrate to form a thin metalized coating. Sputtering processes have many uses including; EMI/RFI shielding, decorative chrome and metallic finishes, highly reflective coatings for light reflectors, heat shielding, vapor barriers, and more. Our processes meet a broad range of functional and decorative coating requirements. Fundamental to our partnerships is helping our customers navigate the complexities of various vacuum deposition coating processes and select the one for their unique business needs.

Industrial Coating Process Expertise is Important

Companies have multiple options when selecting a coating process. Selecting the right coating process (e.g. vacuum metalizing, PVD sputtering, or spray coating) for a particular application is critical. It is just as important to work with experts in the vacuum coating field to ensure they meet all manufacturing requirements (e.g. materials, cost, durability, quality, production scale, etc.). Our team of experts is ready to help make sure you select the right process to meet your individual business requirements.

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Quality Coating Results

No matter the final coating process that is selected, Mueller Corporation dedicates itself to delivering products to meet our customer’s specifications and expectations. Whether the end product is a reflective surface for a headlight, a decorative coating for an appliance, or EMI/RFI shielding coating, we work hard for our customers to ensure our manufacturing and quality processes deliver the best results in the industry.

Specific Industrial Coating Benefits

Vacuum coating processes have expanded far beyond a final product looking good. There are additional material properties that can be engineered that result in additional benefits in the end product.
For example, our coating processes have help customers achieve a broad range of advantages including shielding from electronic interference, barriers against moisture or vapor, high tolerances for properties like smoothness and hardness, and unique reflective qualities. Although Mueller Corporation prides itself on delivering beautiful products, we also pride ourselves in providing coating processes that solve a broad range of particular industrial coating challenges.

Vacuum Metalizing Services For Industrial Applications
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Strict Quality Procedures

At Mueller Corporation, we believe that the quality of the components we produce is, and always will be, performed and controlled by the individuals that physically create them. We base our quality approach on systems and controls that help our equipment operators understand what our customers requirements. Through education and a system of in-process cross checks, we can accurately produce in both prototype and production quantities the components that our customers need. To support this commitment we have achieved ISO 9001|2015 certification

Let Mueller Corporation Be Your Industrial Coating Partner

Join the many companies that rely on Mueller Corporation to deliver the cost and quality they expect. Mueller Corporation understands that the quality and properties of the coatings we apply to our customer’s products impacts the bottom line. Mueller Corporation would love to become your single source metallizing service partner to meet all of your product coating needs. Feel free to REQUEST A QUOTE to learn how Mueller Corporation can help your business today.

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