Let Us Meet Your Spray Coating Challenges


Since our founding in 1955, Mueller Corporation has been a leader in the delivery of reliable, scalable and cost-effective spray coating processes that meet a broad range of particular product finish and material properties. Our customers have also have relied on our ability to deliver processes that can meet demanding manufacturing cost, product quality, production scale, and material property requirements. Fundamental to our industrial partnerships is helping our customers navigate the complexities of various industrial coating processes and select the right industrial coating process for their unique business requirements, including RFI Shielding and EMI Shielding.

Tooled For Product Quality and Scale

Industrial companies should ensure their spray coating partner has a manufacturing capability that adequately scales production and that provides a high-quality product. A critical stage in our process in this area is the fabrication of custom tooling fixtures that hold and mask parts during the painting operations. Tooling fixtures must be properly designed to deliver maximum efficiency both in the number of parts a fixture holds for maximum density and effectiveness, and proper masking, to ensuring final product meet print. Mueller Corporation invests significant resources, both in staff training and equipment, to ensure this critical phase of the spray coating process delivers optimal results.

Respected provider of robotic spray coating services delivers optimal results

Exceptional Spray Coating Results

Having the best spray coating equipment enables Mueller Corporation to deliver exceptional results. Our High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) Spray guns apply coatings using a variety of methods including six-axis robotic paint cells, automatic reciprocating paint cells, automated in-line UV cure paint systems or by hand for small volume and prototypes. Our robotic spray cells include eight bank color change which allows us to apply a variety of coatings needed for a job shop environments. Functional Materials we spray include; conductive paint for EMI/RFI shielding, ceramic coatings for corrosion and chemical protection, Teflon (PTFE) coatings for low coefficient of friction abrasion and chemical protection, metallic paints for thermal barriers. Decorative coatings offered include; Soft touch or Tactile, metallic finishes, gloss and satin clears, and a variety of gloss and satin colors for all industries.

Committed to quality represented by ISO 9001:2015 certification

Strict Quality Procedures

At Mueller Corporation, we believe that the quality of the components we produce is, and always will be, performed and controlled by the individuals that physically create them. We base our quality on systems and controls that help our equipment operators understand what our customers requirements. Through education and a system of in-process cross checks, we can accurately produce in both prototype and production quantities the components that our customers need. To support this commitment we have achieved.

Let Mueller Corporation Be Your Spray Coating Partner

Join the many companies that use Mueller Corporation as their industrial coating partner, and that benefit from the best industrial coating processes in the industry. Mueller Corporation understands that the quality of your products finish and the properties of the finish impact your bottom line. Mueller Corporation would love to become your single source industrial coating partner to meet all of your product coating needs. Feel free to contact us to learn how Mueller Corporation can help your business today.

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